Kristen Reyes


Kristen has had a great love for music her whole life. She began playing piano and violin at a young age, and has studied guitar and ukulele. Kristen started singing when she was 12-years-old and has participated in choirs, performing arts youth programs, and voice recitals. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside in 2014 with a BA in Music Performance, with a concentration in vocal performance. Since then, she has continued singing and performing, and is currently planning to pursue a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance.
Kristen started teaching in 2010 when she entered college, teaching mainly voice and guitar. She emphasizes the importance of using one’s air and breathing techniques to help make singing comfortable and pleasant for the students. Kristen also teaches guitar, training students how to feel more at ease with playing chords and various songs.
Student Testimonial:
“Kristen brings an atmosphere of comfort to a student-teaching relationship. She was able to encourage me and show that not only was music a gift, but that a love for music should be included every day in a person’s life. Once I began taking voice lessons with Kristen, she supported my decision to join the Choral Society at my school and continue to explore my musical love for singing. Kristen is talented, bring, intuitive, dedicated, and focused on her students and their goals. She is truly a stand-out individual who will positively impact any student she teaches.”
– Annabelle

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