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We pride ourselves in creating experiences that get you excited about music and motivate you to keep playing and growing. We work with all ages and levels of experience.

Building a lifelong passion.

Discover what a musical education can do for you.

Our Approach

At Forza Academy, our mission is to give budding musicians a safe place to experiment, build confidence and explore different genres. Forza teachers tailor the curriculum around students’ tastes and preferences. Through familiar pieces, we create a bridge into classical techniques, music theory and music history. Classical fundamentals are emphasized to enable the student to grow their talent through proper technique and avoid injury. Everyone has a voice and a story; we’ll help you find yours.


Classes Offered

PRIVATE  (All ages)

  • Voice I-III
  • Piano I-III
  • Violin I/II
  • Accordion I
  • Ear Training, Music Theory, and Sight Singing
  • Concert and Marching Drums


  • Classical/Rock Guitar
  • Woodwinds
  • Chamber Strings
  • Brass

Expert-Level Instruction

Ask any seasoned musician – the right instructor makes all the difference. Our teachers are the ones who turn dabblers into acolytes and lift plateaued students to the next level.


A huge key to sustained success in music is consistency. By tailoring our lessons to your learning style and musical tastes, we’ll help ensure that you stay excited about learning, playing, and practicing.

Proven Results

Join scores of other students and families who have been transformed by our instructors and the musical craft. We boast high retention as students see improvements not only in performance skills, but in confidence, language, executive functioning, and focus.


Kristen Reyes
Instructor - Voice/Guitar
Alexander Knecht
Instructor - Violin/Viola
Dr. Belinda Paige Jimenez
Director - Vocal/Piano
Andrea Blunt
Director - Vocal/Piano



Personalized Instruction
In-home Lessons
Instructor has B.A
Instructor has M.A.
Instructor has PhD
Full Hour Lesson Available


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Personalized Instruction
In-home Lessons
Instructor has B.A
Instructor has M.A.
Instructor has PhD
Full Hour Lesson Available


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Personalized Instruction
In-home Lessons
Instructor has B.A
Instructor has M.A.
Instructor has PhD
Full Hour Lesson Available


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“Andrea is an absolutely wonderful teacher who inspires and motivates her students through her own passion for music. She sincerely cares about each of her students, and has a gift for connecting with young people and nurturing their confidence, talent, and love for music. We feel so lucky that our daughter was able to study with Andrea for three years, and loved watching our daughter’s ability and confidence with piano & voice grow under Andrea’s thoughtful mentorship!”

FORREST & KRISTINE M., parents of a 9-yr-old


“My daughter always came out of her lesson with a smile on her face and renewed enthusiasm for her instrument. I also attended a number of recitals, and it was very clear that Andrea’s students played for enjoyment of music. Andrea is so supportive of her students and it really shows.”



“I took voice lessons from Andrea for almost 2 years and every lesson made my day brighter. Andrea is very encouraging and helpful all at the same time. She strives to bring out her students’ talents and helps to improve those talents. Andrea has helped me become a better singer and a better person. I am so thankful that I was able to be taught by Andrea.”



“[Andrea is] amazing in many ways! Her versatility and adaptation to Cienna’s individual strengths and interests are most rare and valuable.”

NICHOLE, mother of CIENNA, 8

“Really great; thank you [Dan]! My rolls have always annoyed me, but I hadn’t realized it was because the second note of each double was quieter/slightly out of time! This is fantastic. It’s going to take some work to get my doubles up with better technique now! Thank you!”
LEWIS Y., online drum student
“This is the best double stroke roll lesson I’ve found. Well done and thanks.”
STEVEN M., online drum student

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